Indiainc.ca , a website providing information about "outsourcing". Outsourcing literary meaning hiring somebody outside your company to provide services. When companies outsource they become more flexible, more dynamic in nature and better able to change themselves to meet changing opportunities and to reduces or controls "operating costs".

Why Outsource ?

Strategic reasons:

    • Improves business focus as it allows you to focus on "broader business issues" while having operational details assumed by an outside expert.
    • Gaining access to world class capabilities--Outsourcing providers bring "extensive world class resources"
    • to meet the needs of their customers and partnering with an organization with such specialization can offer access to new technologies, tools and techniques that the organization may not currently possess.
    • Provides you with more structured methodology, procedures and documentation.
    • Competitive advantage through expanded skills.
    • Single most compelling reason for outsourcing is that huge amount of resources and attention is needed from the management. At such a stage Outside provider's lower cost structure certainly attracts the clients.
    • Off-shore outsourcing price-wise is hard to beat. The costs of offshore business development are much lower than hiring programmers to fulfill your design.
    • Many companies are beginning to re-engineer their workflow to take full advantage of the labour and process efficiencies provided by outsourcing.
    • Delivering the best possible quality service at significant cost-savings to the client.