Do I need to carry bear spray with me during the race?

Adult athletes (18+) participating in either the Thursday Night 3-Stage Enduro or the Sunday Morning XCO Alberta Cup are required to carry bear spray with them.  Athletes are required to supply their own bear spray.  This is a Canmore Nordic Centre requirement.  The Nordic Centre is also encouraging all riders to carry bear spray with them during their pre-rides.

Do I need a race plate to pre-ride the course?

Please note that the race course is closed to the general public on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; only riders with race plates are allowed to be on course.

Where is the "CCES/Race Clean" anti-doping seminar taking place?

The CCES/Race Clean Anti-Doping Seminar is taking place in the Banquet Room at the Canmore Nordic Centre.

Why are there signs saying "KOM Start" and "Timed Enduro Start" on the racecourse?

For athletes racing on Saturday, your timing chip will record your time as you race a segment of the course going up and as you race a segment of the course going down.  The fastest male and female on each of those segments will receive the coveted prize!  Why?  'Cause it is fun and 'cause we have the technology.

What if I need physiotherapy?

Active life Physiotherapy is a sponsor of our event.  If you need some support for your body before the race or a little tune up, Active Life Physiotherapy will provide priority access appointments for athletes.  You may book online at or call 1-844-987-5433.