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There are literally hundreds of diet, weight loss, fat loss and muscle building plans that "guarantee" results. 

This website cuts through the weight loss clutter, and gives you the information you need to make and informed decision on a weight loss plan that works for you.  The recommendations a for each plan is based on the feedback of weight loss plan consumers. 

This site details everything you need to make an informed decision to find  a plan that can work for  you. Each product evaluation contains:  The Title, Price, Author, Image of the Product, Author Biography, Objective
of the Plan (Weight loss, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain) , an Overview of each  product, a detailed Description, a Recommendation of the product, Testimonials from consumers, a Link to each product for instant access and the Media  type.         

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Eat Stop Eat Weight Loss Program Fat Loss/Weight Loss Brad Pilon $9.99  eBook, Audio +
Fat Loss 4 Idiots Plan Fat Loss/Weight Loss Craig Ballantyne $39.00  eBook +
Strip That Fat Fat Loss/Weight Loss  Sean Nalewanyj $37.00  eBook +
The Diet Solution Fat Loss/Weight Loss Isabel De Los Rios $47.00  eBook +
The Mediterranean Diet Fat Loss/Weight Loss Marissa Cloutier, MS, RD
Eve Adamson
$37.00  eBook ++
Eat Weight Off Fat Loss/Weight Loss Dr. Isaac Boules $39.95  eBook ?
The Day Off Diet Fat Loss/Weight Loss Unknown $47.00  eBook --
The Power Of Positive Habits Fat Loss/Well Being Dan Robey $ 9.95  eBook, Audio ++

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