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Get the complete information on NIOS whether it is about Admission, Subjects, Syllabus, Guide Books, Study Materials, Previous Years Question Papers, Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA), Diploma in Elementary Education D.El.Ed Books. Students who wish to study in NIOS or who are studying would be greatly benefited by the information given here.

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TOP-20 NIOS D.El.Ed 501 Elementary Education in India - A socio-cultural perspective  English TOP Publications TOP20501E Rs 80 BUY 
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NIOS Guide Books

Get the best guide books and reference books for NIOS Class 10 and NIOS Class 12 books.
The preparation books for NIOS Secondary and NIOS Senior Secondary are made available by the best publishers.

It offers books on the following class (Secondary and Senior Secondary).

NIOS Class 10 Books

The best books for NIOS Class 10 are as follows.
The books for NIOS Secondary are available in both English and Hindi medium.

NIOS Business Studies/Commerce Class 10 (215)
NIOS Data Entry Operations Class 10 (229)
NIOS Economics Class 10 (214)
NIOS English Class 10 (202)
NIOS Hindi (हिन्दी) Class 10 (201)
NIOS Home Science Class 10 (216)
NIOS Indian Culture Heritage Class 10 (223)
NIOS Mathematics Class 10 (211)
NIOS Painting Class 10 (225)
NIOS Psychology Class 10 (222)
NIOS Punjabi Class 10 (210)
NIOS Sanskrit (संस्कृत) Class 10 (209)
NIOS Science Class 10 (212)
NIOS Social Science Class 10 (213)
NIOS Typing Class 10 (218)
NIOS Urdu (उर्दू) Class 10 (206)
NIOS Word Processing Class 10 (219)

NIOS Class 12 Books

The best books for NIOS Class 12 are as follows.
The books for NIOS Senior Secondary are available in both English and Hindi medium.

NIOS Accountancy Class XII (320)
NIOS Biology Class XII (314)
NIOS Business Studies/Commerce Class XII (319)
NIOS Chemistry Class XII (313)
NIOS Class 12 Data Entry Operations (336)
NIOS Computer Science Class XII (330)
NIOS Economics Class XII (318)
NIOS English Class XII (302)
NIOS Environmental Science Class XII (333)
NIOS Geography Class XII (316)
NIOS Hindi Class XII (301)
NIOS History Class XII (315)
NIOS Home Science Class XII (321)
NIOS Introduction to Law Class 12 (338)
NIOS Library & Information Science (339)
NIOS Mass Communications Class XII (335)
NIOS Maths Class XII (311)
NIOS Painting Class XII (332)
NIOS Physics Class XII (312)
NIOS Political Science Class XII (317)
NIOS Psychology Class XII (328)
NIOS Sanskrit Class XII (309)
NIOS Secretarial Practice Class XII (326)
NIOS Sociology Class XII (331)
NIOS Type Writing Class XII (323)
NIOS Urdu Class XII (306)
NIOS Word Processing Class XII (327)

Buying NIOS Guide books, reference books, also called preparation books has not been so easy earlier. NIOS Students from all across the country and abroad have been benefited by the books published by reputed publishers of New Delhi-based Publishers. And Bukwit.com has been catering its services in availing them the books which they require. Distant has not been a barrier! We offer NIOS Guide books and Help books both in English and Hindi medium that are available in the market. 

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There are complete, up-to-date list of NIOS books on Class 10 (secondary) and Class 12 (senior secondary) in Bukwit.com.

There is a complete range of NIOS Class 10 Books
We also have complete list of NIOS Class 12 Books.  

NIOS Question Papers

Download NIOS Previous Years Question Papers of Class 10 (Secondary) and Class 12 (Senior Secondary).
It has a list of question papers of NIOS Secondary and Senior Secondary subjects.

NIOS Study Materials (Textbooks)

Download NIOS Study Materials cum Textbooks provided to students who are pursuing course in NIOS Class 10 and NIOS Class 12.

The list of NIOS Secondary consist of subjects in Group A and Group B.

NIOS Secondary Textbooks

Hindi(201), English(202), Bengali(203), Marathi(204), Telugu(205), Urdu(206), Gujarati(207), Kannada(208), Sanskrit(209), Punjabi(210), Assamese (228),Nepali(231), Malayalam(232), Oriya(233), Arabic (235),Persian (236), Tamil (237)

*Mathematics(211),*Science and Technology(212), Social Science(213), Economics(214), Business Studies(215), *Home Science(216), *Data Entry Operation(E)(229), Psychology (222), Indian Culture & Heritage (223), *Painting (225),*Data Entry Operations (229)
Download NIOS Class 12 (Senior Secondary) Textbook cum study materials.


Hindi(301), English(302), Bangla (303), Tamil (304), Odia (305), Urdu(306), Gujarati (307), Sanskrit (309), Punjabi (310)

Mathematics(311), *Home Science(321), Psychology(328), *Geography(316), Economics(318), Business Studies(319), *Painting (332), *Data entry Operation(336)

*Physics(312), History(315), *Library and Information Sc.(339)
Group-D *

Chemistry(313), Political Science(317),*Mass Communication (335)

 *Biology(314), Accountancy(320),*Introduction to Law (338)

*Computer Science(330), Sociology(331),  *Environmental Science (333)
Learner can opt only one subject from each of Group C,D,E and F
To assist NIOS students in their submission of Tutor Marked Assignments.
Bukwit.com helps students studying in NIOS Class 10 and Class 12 in their assignments.

NIOS Class 10 TMA 2017-2018

Get NIOS Secondary (Class 12) Tutor Marked Assignments.

NIOS Class 10 TMA Secondary Assignment 2017-2018

NIOS Class 12 TMA 2017-2018

Get NIOS Senior Secondary (Class 12) Tutor Marked Assignments.

NIOS Class 12 TMA Senior Secondary Assignment 2017-2018


Get NIOS Diploma in Elementary Education D.El.Ed textbooks and guide books.
Buy NIOS DElEd guide books and help books.