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1.0 Login

Login Procedure
Open web browser Using Internet Explorer type http://www.buildingstartlive.com/database name into the URL address field.  

Database name will be replaced with:
airnab, airnab2, airnab3, asu, tcx, buildingtest or company specific naming convention for Building Test Tier 2 customers with a dedicated 
customized database, depending on which database your company uses.
After clicking enter, a version of the page shown below will load.

Type your User Name and Web Tool password in the appropriate fields and click the “Log In” button.  Passwords need to be a minimum of 8 characters in length and can be alpha-numeric.

NOTE: If you forgot your password; you can simply click the “Forgot your Password?” link and a pop-up window will display.  You will type in your User Name and click the “Retrieve Password” button to have a new password emailed to you. If you are still having problems or if you get an unable to reset password error, you will need to contact Building Start support at 888-524-7622 Ext 2 or via email at support@buildingstart.com .