We enroll children ages 1 month through 12 years of age, both full time and part-time care is available:

  • Full-time enrollment takes priority over part-time enrollment
  • Part-time enrollment is Monday through Friday, either morning part-time (7am-12 pm) or afternoon part-time (12:30-5:30 pm).
  • Tuition prices are not published.  Please call and schedule a tour. 

      Infant Room
(4 weeks - approximately 12 months)   Ratio 1:4   
Our infant room has been created to nurture a child's first experiences in life. Babies brains grow and develop faster in the first 12 months than any other year. Teachers are all trained and knowledgeable in child development and the important role they play in each child's healthy development.  You will find the teachers using language and sign throughout the day to stimulate and interact with even the youngest babies, as well as time spent playing, exploring, problem solving, snuggling, reading, and eating together.  The infant room creates a great opportunity for children to learn and grow with others in a safe and loving environment.
 Waddler Room

(Approximately 12 months- about 20 months)   Ratio 1:4
Our older infant room has been created as a place for busy children who need room to move. Teachers continue to use language and sign throughout the day to continue to foster early language development. Waddlers thoroughly enjoy such experiences as playing outside, music, sensory, reading and many more activities. This classroom is the perfect stepping stone for these young children before moving on to the Toddler classroom.

Toddler Room
(~ 20 months - 2.5 years)   Ratio 1:5
As children enter the toddler room, there are many skills that the teachers will work on with the children as they begin to gain independence and learn to better express their needs.  Toddlers are exposed to a variety of topics throughout the year which are delivered in ways like music, language, books, and arts and crafts activities.  As we watch vocabularies grow and friendships form, the teachers nurture each child's individual interest.  Throughout the year the toddlers learn to sit in a group, wash their hands, drink from a cup, and use a spoon.  All these accomplishments can create feelings of pride and independence as children prepare to enter Jr. Preschool.

Jr. Preschool Room
(~2.5-3.5 years)   Ratio 1:7
With Jr. Preschool comes many new experiences for children.  Teachers create an environment where children can begin to engage in imaginary play with others and gain exposure to a variety of experiences throughout the day.  Children have daily opportunities for writing, cutting, reading, and singing, as well as math and science activities.  Jr. Preschool is the time to master working cooperatively within a group of peers and learning to follow directions.  

Preschool Room

(~3.5 - 5 years)  Ratio 1:10

Building skills to become successful socially, physically, and cognitively are examples of the many goals of our preschool program.  The teachers create a classroom that fosters independence and choice.  The choices that are available throughout the class support problem solving, cooperation, and new experiences that relate to what the class is learning about.   This program is designed to enrich and teach the children through play. 

AM Preschool Room
( ~3 - 5 years)  Ratio 1:10
This specialized program is designed to maximize learning opportunities each day. Teachers focus on the critical skill of functioning in a group setting as well as an emphasis on literacy to prepare for Kindergarten. Teachers create a classroom that fosters choice and independence. Choices, activities and experiences during the day will support problem solving, science, math, cooperation and literacy development.  AM Preschool offers a 2, 3 and 5 day a week option.  This program also offers a low teacher to child ratio, not enrolling more than 15 children per day.

Kindergarten Enrichment
(Approximately ages 5 - 6)  Ratio 1:12

We have a unique educational program available in the afternoons at Building Blocks.  What we have created is an extension program that specifically supports what kindergarten students are learning in public school.  The room and schedule are designed for a balance of free and relaxed time, as well as opportunities for more structured learning.  The children have many opportunities to read, write, create, and build social skills.  There is always something new to experience and this program has proven to be a great way to specifically meet the needs of our kindergarten students.  
Before and After School Care
 (Approximately ages 6 - 12)        Ratio 1:15
 In our before and after school program, children are greeted in the morning with a nutritious breakfast and time with friends before our fifteen passenger van takes the children to school.  In the afternoon once the children return, there are a variety of activities and projects available, as well as outside time, snack time, and time to complete homework.  Our school age children also enjoy community service projects as well as other activities throughout Pullman.  In the summer we offer an all day summer camp that is full of adventures and great summer experiences!