7th Grade Syllabus

7th Grade Life Science

Course Syllabus

Mr. Tyler Mink, Middle School Science Teacher

Year:                           2011-2012

Location:                     Buhl Middle School, Room 117

Hours:                         7:30 am – 3:30 pm; Monday – Friday

E-Mail or Phone No:   tmink@buhlschools.org or (208) 543-8292

A.    Description

The livings things around us serve as the subjects of study for this course. We will explore fundamental life science concepts and basic investigative skills. The purpose of this course is to develop an awareness of the unique relationship of life science and the world. All hands-on activities stress the scientific method of problem solving and allow students to see how experimentation and observation are the bases of scientific investigation.

B.     Course Topics

·         Lab Safety and Tools

·         Introduction to Life Science

·         Cells

·         Heredity

·         Bacteria and Virus

·         Plants and Protists

·         Vertebrates/Invertebrates Animals

·         Ecology

C.     Text and Required Supplies

·         Furnished: Life Science Textbook, Glencoe McGraw-Hill Publications and handouts

·         Student Furnishes: black/blue pen, pencil, loose leaf paper or spiral notebook and calculator. If students can’t furnish these, then ask the teacher.

D.    Course Goals

·         Students will learn procedures of the laboratory and the laboratory equipments

·         Students will develop a basic understanding of how cells play a role in living organisms

·         Students will understand the process of science and how science is integrated in society

·         Students will test their skills at dissecting an organism and/or plant

·         Students will identify the relationships among organisms and the environment

E.     Classroom Behavior and Procedures

·         Respect others and property. Students don’t have the right to interfere with class learning.

·         Be on time, in your seat and have all materials ready before the bell rings

·         Be honest and an active participant

·         Be prepared, which include pencils sharpened before class

·         Follow homework policy as stated in student handbook/agenda

·         Leave cell phones and music players in your lockers. If I find them in the classroom, the devices will belong to the teacher and parents will have to pick them up.

·         This is a science lab. Please leave food and drinks in your locker. I will allow water bottles in the classroom. However, if this privilege is abused, then it will be taken away.

·         No tardiness and/or absences. Accumulation of these will deny you of “Fun Fridays”

F.      Student Evaluation

Evaluation Criteria            Method of Evaluation                                                             Grading

Daily Participation            Attendance, class behavior, effort, daily journals                     20%

Homework/Classwork      Assignments and activities                                                        15%

Labs/Projects                     Written/oral presentations, quality of finished project              15%

Tests/Final Exams             Unit tests and comprehensive knowledge of the semester        35%

Completed Portfolio         All above assignments – follow the rubric                                 15%

G.    Daily Participation

You are automatically given 5 participation points per day in class. If you come to class prepared, work, and in general display an excellent attitude and work ethic you should have 100% of the participation points. I literally give you 20% of your grade for free just for acting like interested, young adults. HOWEVER. . . POINTS will be taken away for a variety of situations: (look at the chart at the front of the classroom)

·         Leaving the classroom

·         Inappropriate behavior

·         Lack of respect

·         No supplies for class

·         Foul language

·         Not participating

·         Not working in class

·         Horse play in class

·         Absent/Tardy

If you are absence (excused or not) you obviously didn’t participate in the class activities for the day. To make up for that, you need to get the covered information from a classmate and write 5 sentences explaining either to why you missed the class or what you missed, if it was lecture. This way you still get your points and now you have been responsible about getting the material you missed.