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Right Number

Right Number is an Android tool that allows phone numbers to be correctly dialed no matter where in the world the user may be. this is required because dialing rules change from country to country and travellers usually have to keep the same numbers with different formatting for their contacts otherwise they may not be able to call them. In theory, at least for GSM networks, the international number format should work everywhere but, fact is, it does not.


Right Number is provided under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.

Inner Workings.

Right Number registers itself to be notified about new calls that are initiated, intercepts the call and changes the number before it is dialed based on where the phone is from and where it is when the call is initiated. Correct phone number formatting is determined through the libphonenumber library with a thin layer over it to allow for idiosyncrasies not covered by it (like carrier selection and specific dialing requirements).

Current version and Download.

Current version is 0.6 (considered beta) and can be found in the Android Market. if you are seeing this page on your Android phone, click the link below:

Right Number in the Android Market (link only works in an Android Phone).

You can also scan the QR code below:


Please check the manual page for usage information.

Source Code.

Source code can be viewed and downloaded from the Google Code project page.

Known Issues.

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Future Features,

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Version History.

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