Spanish Club is a new club to SEM, with this year only being its second year in existence. In this club we explore all the different Spanish speaking cultures and learn more about each one throughout every meeting. We will learn more about specific festivities each culture celebrates and what makes each one unique. Understanding the differences and being able to differentiate between countries and cultures is something most people do not know, but something we will come to master in Spanish Club. We will be active in Buffalo's Hispanic community and get involved with certain events and festivals throughout the year.
    Another important aspect of this club is experiencing each country through something we all love, food. We will take numerous field trips throughout the year to different authentic restaurants in Buffalo as well as making other homemade dishes together. We will also receive different snacks and candies from several Hispanic countries in each meeting to explore and step outside of our comfort zone. 
    Spanish Club will have a ton of fun this school year and hopes to spark an even bigger interest and appreciation for all Spanish cultures. 

President- Maria Laudico '17

Vice President- Maddy Leary '17