1. Welcome to Math Club! 
This year, our Co-Presidents are Petra DeRose '20 and Hannah Danziger '19, our Vice President is Bridget Conboy 19', and our Secretary is Jenna Smolarek 19'.
    During club meetings, the club members solve problems for prizes, play math games like SET, and have competitions open to all students. The most important day of the year for the club is March 14, which is Pi Day! On March 13, the club will be meeting with fun competitions to celebrate the great day. There will be fun competitions like the pie making contest, and who can memorize the most digits in Pi. On March 14, there will be pieces of paper with Pi symbols that will be scattered around the school. If you find one, you can turn it in and get Hornet Jacket points. All prizes will get Hornet Jacket points. If you have any questions or would like to participate, please email one of the co-presidents Petra DeRose or Hannah Danziger.

Co- Presidents Petra DeRose '20 and Hannah Danziger '19
pderose@buffaloseminary.org; hdanziger@buffaloseminary.org
Vice President Bridget Conboy '19
Secretary Jenna Smolarek

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