this isn't sem obviously but we'll work on that

Welcome!! Seminaria designs and produces SEM's yearbook. There are four teams: business, literary, layout, and photo. After your first or second meeting with us, you'll have the chance to tell us which team you'd prefer to work on, and will then be separated in order to be as productive as possible. Although being a part of Seminaria is a commitment, it's also a rewarding experience and will be lots of fun! We need a dedicated team to help us create the best yearbook for the SEM students and faculty. 

This year, we're creating a yearbook we can all be proud of. The theme is chosen, some photos taken, and we're ready to get going. All we need now is you!

Make sure to check this website for info about meetings, deadlines, etc. Our first meeting is Wednesday, September 21st! Lunch period TBD.

 The editors this year are Jesse Sloier (jsloier@buffaloseminary.org) and Leah Kramer (lkramer@buffaloseminary.org).
We'd also really like to make this site more fun but the colors and font are not changeable :(