The Semachords are Buffalo Seminary's a capella group, re-established in 2012 after a 15 year hiatus! Rehearsals and gig dates are posted below.


Are you a choir geek? Do you love to sing in the shower? Have you seen Pitch Perfect and wished that you could jam a capella like they do?

Welcome to Semachords! Fall 2016 open auditions will be held during lunch on Friday, September 16th. All students are encouraged to audition, including first-timers and those who have been through the audition process before. Semachords auditions generally come in two parts: open auditions and callbacks. Open auditions are casual! We'll warm up as a group, then we'll call in auditionees for individual auditions. In this first round, we're primarily looking for two things: your sense of pitch/harmony (your "ear") and your sense of melody. To be in Semachords, you don't need to be Adele or Alicia Keys. We welcome students of all musical abilities, with or without formal training/past experience. We can't wait to hear from you! A sign up sheet will go up Wednesday morning on the front hall bulletin board. If you have any questions, feel free to find any current Semachord or Mrs. Hopkins for more information (or to help calm pre-audition jitters!).

Morgan Baker '17
Pitch - mbaker@buffaloseminary.org

Tara Porter '17
Sitch - tporter@buffaloseminary.org