The Skirtlifters Photo Page

Clarke Buehling

4-Piece Skirtlifters
Clarke Buehling, Kent Beyette,
Thom Howard, Tom Verdot


3-Piece Skirtlifters 
Tom Verdot, Clarke Buehling,  
Thom Howard

Clarke Buehling & Kent Beyette

Clarke Buehling & Thom Howard


Thom Howard & Tom Verdot

Tom Verdot & Clarke Buehling


Skirtlifters on-stage at the Brosella Festival, Brussels, Belgium

Triple fiddle in Little Rock

Singing To The Festival Crowd


Tom Verdot

Clarke Buehling on the
big minstrel banjo

Kent Beyette on the bodhran

Thom Howard on the guitar


Kent's Jig Dancin' Lessons