The Skirtlifters On The Road

The Skirtlifters bring to audiences
Over One Hundred Years of
American String Band Music 

Featuring the banjo playing of Clarke Buehling,  each Skirtlifters' performance can focus on a specified style or feature such diverse works as included in the program at the bottom, performed by the Skirtlifters while touring Chicago and Wisconsin in April 2002.  These programs were designed to include a broad range of musical styles and  banjo technique, variations in instrumentation, and in this case, a special emphasis on regional composers.

"The Skirtlifters will lift your spirits...The group is quite good and any fan of bluegrass or traditional American music would enjoy them..."

Mark Marymont
Arkansas Gazette, November 13, 1988

Sample Set of 19th Century Music

Polka Medley: Lucy Long / Jim Crow
(c. 1840) Two stage characters from the 1830's and 40's

Wait for the Wagon / Waggon Jig
(1850's) a song by Knauf and Buckley followed by a jig from Tom Briggs' Banjo Instructor

In A Dixie Dell
(1909) by Percy Jacques

Carve dat 'Possum, / Swaine Buckley's Jig
(1870's) a song by Sam Lucas followed by a jig

Tycoon Jig / Whelpley's Jig
(1860's) from Buckley's New Book

Chicago Civil War Medley: Battle Cry of Freedom / Kingdom Coming / Tramp / Marching Through Georgia
(1860's) by Chicagoans George Root and Henry Work

Woodland Park Waltz
(1892) by Thomas E. Glynn

Norton's Walk Around
(1870's) by A Baur

Camptown Races
(1850) a song by Stephen C. Foster

Roaring River / Natchez on the Hill
(late 1700's) Early American Fiddle Tunes

Hall's Blue Ribbon March
(1880's) by E.M. Hall

Fire Bell Galop
(1889) by R.J. Hamilton

 Sample Set of Minstel & Ragtime Music

Hot Corn Jubilee
(c. 1905) by Paul Eno

Clare de Kitchen
(c. 1840) by T.C. Daddy Rice

Levee Pastime
(1891) arr. by Gad Robinson

Marcel's Rag
Thom Howard performs a modern 
guitar rag by Marcel Dadi

Old Man's Dream
(1887) by George L. Lansing

Lindy Lou
(c. 1905) a song by Thomas S. Allen

A Ragtime Episode
(1900) by Paul Eno

Hi Flyer Stomp
Tom Verdot and Thom Howard perform a Violin and Guitar Duet, their arrangement 
of a tune by The Hi Flyers

Old Johnny Boker
(c. 1830's) a song by Joel Walker Sweeney

St. Louis Tickle
(1904) by Theron Bennett

Georgia Grind
(1915) by Ford T. Dabney

Blaze Away!
(1901) a march by Abe Holzmann

Maple Leaf Rag
(1899) by Scott Joplin
(C) 2002 The Skirtlifters