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A Ragtime Episode
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Fire Bell Galop --- Creole Belles --- Bowery Buck --- Tickle Toes (A Toe Tickler) --- The Old Man's Dream --- The Entertainer --- Darktown Dandies / Walk Round --- Palladium Rag --- In a Dixie Dell - A Slow Drag --- Blaze Away! --- A Ragtime Episode --- Carolina Tar Heel - Cakewalk --- Rag-Time Dance - A Stop-Time Two Step --- Georgia Grind --- Levee Pastime --- Maple Leaf Rag --- Sweet Corn --- Hot Corn - A Plantation Jubilee


This unique recording captures the ingenuity of ragtime in the context of the popular string band!  18 Ragtime pieces arranged for string band, many using original arrangements published concurrently with the original piano and band compositions.


Wait For The Wagon

($15.00 + $2.00 S & H)

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Cakewalks, jigs, songs and ragtime, this recording is about nostalgia.  The stage of the 19th century traveling musician comes to life, and the listener can't help but sing along and lift a hem dancing across the living room floor.

Out Of His Gourd

($15.00 + $2.00 S & H)

Juba --- Circus Jig --- Green Corn --- Hobson's Jig / Briggs' Corn Shucking Jig --- Butler's Jig / Grapevine Reel --- Pompey Ran Away --- White Cat, Black Cat --- Sugar Cane Dance --- Carve Dat 'Possum / Swaine Buckley's Jig --- Green Corn / Oh, What's the Matter, Suse Ann? --- Morceau --- Camptown Races --- Hard Times Jig / Old Virginny Jig --- Love --- Anthony Street Reel --- Hard Times / Mr. Sherman --- Take Me Home --- Far South Reel --- Take Your Foot out Sand, Stick it in the Mud --- The Arkansas Sheik --- Where did you Come From? --- African Medley: Barimba / Nginde's Pigs

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Clarke Buehling's classic gourd banjo recording, now on CD with newly recorded bonus tracks.

Sometimes A Guitar

Is Just A Guitar
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Friends Here and Gone --- Mi Gato Grande --- Days With You --- Estudio #2 --- Prelude #1 --- Crosswind Landing --- Bamboleo --- Asturias --- Ten Years Later --- Pavan --- La Bamba --- Cherry Street Scramble --- I Will --- Columbia --- Ladybugs' Picnic

Thom Howard never stops exploring new styles and ideas. A wide variety of techniques and genres find their way into his show and are reflected in the music he performs, arranges and writes. Ranging from the energetic and raucous mood of fingerstyle and ragtime styled solo works to the beautiful and intense flamenco and Latin rhythms to the sedate and lyrical music of such classical composers as Ravel, Pachelbel and Scarlatti, Thom can quickly take the audience through several centuries of enjoyable music.

In performances at theaters, festivals, restaurants and coffeehouses, Thom always manages to open the eyes and ears of enthusiastic crowds. Performances can be on a specific theme such as popular tunes, Spanish music, Renaissance or baroque - or the show can be a mixed bag or many styles. Listeners who expect to hear the standard "guy with a guitar" music are surprised to hear a Bach lute suite followed by a Scott Joplin rag, or a Brazilian samba by Jobim leading to a Spanish malaguena.

Thom's first CD, "Sometimes a Guitar is Just a Guitar" showcases the variety of music he performs and writes.