Clarke Buehling & The Skirtlifters
(The Premiere Concert String Band)

The Skirtlifters authentically recreate the music of the 19th century riverboat, stage and parlor, enlivened by period humor, skits, songs and percussive dance.  Their repertoire includes jigs, reels, rags, galops, marches and waltzes.  Programs range from Louisiana Purchase to Civil War to early 20th century Ragtime. Lecture - demonstrations are presented to many age levels on topics including traditional buckdancing, traditional American popular music, and workshops in banjo styles by internationally renowned banjoist Clark Buehling.

Clarke Buehling
Banjos and Vocals

Thom Howard
Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin & Percussion

Kent Beyette
Dance and Percussion

Tom Verdot

"The Skirtlifters trouped on stage in vintage 1890's duds:  frock coats, vests, and plug hats, and proceeded to dazzle the audience.  They not only looked grand, but they put on a fine show and played an increrdible blend of square dance tunes, bizarre old songs, and early ragtime and pre-ragtime banjo pieces"

~~~ Bob Bovee, Inside Bluegrass ~~~

"...the Skirtlifters were the most remarkable act we had on that year...

...In one mighty swoop that night they captured the hearts of every acoustic music lover in mid-America."

Bob Everhart, President  
National Country Music Association