Basic Instructions


Thanks for purchasing PaperChibi.  With the PaperChibi, you can customize and create an endless number of paper figures.  Make lots of PaperChibi and give (or gift) them to your friends!  Please go through the instructions carefully before beginning.


Make sure you have the proper materials available.  In addition to a printer, you’ll need the following:

heavy weight paper, at least 65lb bond
scissors or hobby knife
ruler or straight edge, preferably metal
glue (we recommend clear "Tacky" glue) or double sided tape
base object (optional)
an "Adhesive Dot Roller" (optional, highly recommended)

Test the glue on your paper before beginning.  Some paper may have problems bonding with certain types of glue.

Design and Print Your PaperChibi

Customize and save your PaperChibi. When you are done, you can directly AirPrint your file (iPhone/iPad/iPod), or save a PDF document for printing with a separate application. For human figures, you have the option of choosing one of 5 model styles. For your first figure, we recommend the 1st style, which is the short, "cube" figure.

Again, make sure to test the glue on your paper.

Cut on Solid Lines

Use scissors or a hobby knife to cut on the solid outlines of your PaperChibi's pieces.  Cut any solid lines that go into the pieces.

Bend on Dotted Lines

Using a ruler or straight edge, bend the paper pieces on all dotted lines.

Optional: You may “score” the bend lines before bending. Using a metal ruler or
straight edge as a guide, lightly cut into the dotted lines with a hobby knife. This will make the paper easier to bend. However, the bend lines will be more obvious, since the white of the paper will show through wherever there is a score.

Glue and Assemble Individual Body Parts

One by one, glue (or tape) the tabs into place.  Make sure to hold the glued tabs together firmly until there is a tight bond before moving on to the next tab.

Note: Regular white glue (also known as "Elmer's Glue") takes too long and requires more glue, potentially warping the paper.

Optional: To use double sided tape, cut ¼” strips and apply one or more for each tab.

Assemble Finished Model

Glue arms, torso, and head together.  In some cases, a circle will be printed indicating the "glue spot" where pieces attach.

If you have one, you may choose to place your buddy’s hair piece on the head rather than gluing it.  This will allow you to change hairstyles!

It may be difficult to keep some PaperChibi upright. You can glue the feet to a heavy base such as a metal tin, mini-CD, coins, or jar lid.