Karel '12

I’m Karel Parve and I am the President of FLAG&BT for 2011-2012. I am originally from a small country in Northern Europe, called Estonia. I transferred to Bucknell from a small community college in Western Maryland through the Bucknell Community College Scholarship Program (BCCSP).

I’m majoring in International Relations with the hope of working for an NGO dealing with LGBT issues in the future. My concentration is in Contemporary Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies and I absolutely love it! The International Relations department is beyond amazing about offering support to anyone interested in civil liberties and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience here.

In my spare time, I try to stay as busy as I can. I work in the Office of LGBT Awareness, I am a facilitator for Common Ground (a student-led diversity retreat), I work with International Student Services (I am an International Orientation Assistant), I run the gay men’s break-out group The League, I’m part of the Bucknell Public Interest Program, and do small projects here and there.

FLAG&BT is one of my favorite organizations on campus. I feel like the members of our alliance are one of the most open-minded, out-going and funny people on campus. Not one meeting goes by without everyone there laughing whole-heartedly and enjoying each other’s company. Over the last year, FLAG&BT has grown in numbers and I truly hope that anyone who is interested in joining a fun group of open-minded people will do so. You don’t have to be gay, straight, bi, trans, or even straight for that matter. At FLAG&BT we never ask anyone to disclose their sexual identity unless they wish to do so. If you have any questions about FLAG&BT, feel free to email me at karel.parve@bucknell.edu. Hope to see you at a meeting soon! J