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Extreme Creativity is: 

1) An opportunity to intensely delve into subjects and themes I might not had the chance to through my normal course schedule.

2) An expressive and intellectual boot camp conducted through community learning where we are encouraged to push the threshold of our comfort zones and strongly consider our creative inspiration, our selves, and our relationship with the "other."

~~ William Schwaller

William Schwaller

 "In our initial layout, the one I wish we did, we would have the chance to break this divide between each and every mini-performance by standing and talking with strangers. We could have broken the 'fourth wall' and shown the audience who we are and what we are doing. We would have been able to say that this was not a performance just merely an installation or an experience that they could also take part in. What I had hoped was that we would all be seated, both audience and performers, together on the floor or standing in space and the music, dance, and readings would be experienced in a variety of ways and angles by the audience, instead of from the outside and in a very directed manner. This just goes to show that while most creative works are produced in a relative vacuum and their reception by a public audience can be drastically different than the creator had intended. Thus, in any creative project unforeseen elements along the way or unexpected responses can disrupt one’s original intentions."