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Extreme Creativity is one place I’ve been able to work in and out of my comfort zone and my time zone. What I learned from this class: (though indefinable,) the secret to life is art.

~~ Lauren Krichilsky

Lauren Krichilsky

Every body holds a secret.

Obama has a white mom. For all intents and purposes, we call him black. (T)his story has nothing to do with racism. 

By talking about race, we're rustling the leaves. Resurrecting racism. For that, we give an applause which goes on and on and--- he lied to us. He must know we're not United States of America. Rearrange the letters of United and we get something a bit more accurate: Untied States of America. Much better but much worse. The fact that we're a deeply divided country is buried in a footnote somewhere... I’m just trying to tell you a story because G-d knows you can't handle the truth. 

(I never did understand why my Jewish grandmother writes God like G-d. Is there something so sacred about the 'o'?)

A man is bailed out of jail for a couple thousand. A woman isn't. She can't afford it. She doesn't have a couple thousand. She stole-- had to steal 50-dollars-worth of Food Stamps. One nation, under-- God forbid!! (And others still hate us because of our Freedom. (Replace Free with King.))

You can relate anything to anything, as long as you're convincing enough. Correction: … as long as you're Socrates.

(Note to self: Following rules is strictly prohibited.)