tulu bayar

Associate Professor of Art and Art History

Slow down. Listen. Look. Think. Think again. The work of Tulu Bayar, multimedia artist and associate professor of art, is not meant to be grasped fully in a quick glance. Rather, she hopes her audience will dive beneath the surface, taking the time to work through each piece.

"My goal is to offer my audience chances to undertake a little bit of further search for meaning beyond first impressions," she says. "In order to appreciate a really successful work of art, you need to spend just a little bit more time in front of it. If you are just looking at and walking by the work, then you forget it."

Bayar says that as she has matured as an artist the idea of art as part of the community has become more important to her work. "Art-making does not happen as an isolated private act. It does not exist in an isolated place," she says. "I truly embrace the idea that art exists as a space where things are taken apart, tried out, reassembled and become part of the cultural landscape. I really find myself not creating for the sake of art, or for a small audience in the art world, but more engaging with people, collaborating with people and doing it for people."