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Through this creative adventure, I was constantly forced to look at my personal experiences, my identity and my relationships with others. From this better understanding of who I am, I now have more confidence as I look forward at my plans for the future. 

In response to our class and our instillation, one central observation I came away with is how circular art is.  Almost every production or project turns right back around to influence the artist.  Every time a person creates art, he/she uses their “own self” and imposes it onto the product.

~~ John James Parker

JJ Parker

Who can clearly see

The other’s background?


To the outside viewer

To the world the encircles us

But the artwork is clear

Out, visible, presented

For everyone to see

Is this the same as the circle


Roots in a forest

Intertwined, impacted, influenced

By others

They feed into the tree

For those to see

That no one tree is the same

Because the supplies given to the

Tree, determine its composition

Let this relationship be

Symbiotic symmetry

Each circle influences

Let each circle show each other

Who they are

Let the passing hikers see

Down the tree into the roots