lebo lestie

Extreme Creative is a refreshing experience and an essential culmination to the Bucknell liberal arts experience by challenging students from diverse academic backgrounds to engage and express their creative selfhood. I got the chance to reconnect with my artistic self through the eyes of others through media I both knew and have never encountered.

~~ Relebohile Lestie

Lebo Letsie

"Actually performing the installation was more exciting than I had anticipated because of the energy that the audience brought. People’s reactions to the work we had done left me stunned. I was stunned because we had poured out our heart and souls and laid them out to dry for strangers to judge and analyze. I was also stunned because we had challenged many notions of art, identity and life at Bucknell that I expected some resistance to. When we did the space exercise walking across the room, people were truly engaged. From the back of the mask you felt vulnerable and exposed because everybody is staring at you. I wondered if we looked awkward or crazy, however, the audience was engrossed in our movements and sounds. They even clapped. 

Extreme Creativity truly challenged the idea of identity and forced us to look within. In order to describe yourself to others you really have to discover and understand yourself in order to relay that impression. This was an easy task for others while it proved different for others. It proved the tie between identity and creativity."