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Art  poses tough questions and challenges the viewer and creator to ponder his or her identity and "self". This class has forced me to do just this in numerous ways and has helped me to creatively articulate my feelings and responses to art.

~~ Kourtney Ginn

Kourtney Ginn

"Ultimately creativity is about incorporating all of the previously mentioned ideas into collaboration, finding inspiration from others and engaging people in the creative process and final product. This is precisely what happened in the final installation project for Extreme Creativity. The class had to collaborate not only with each other, but also with Petra, Neil, Bob, Professor Gillespie, and the audience. Before Petra and Neil’s arrival, the class was incredibly anxious about the installation, mostly due to the fear of failure. We did not know what the installation would look like, how it would be structured, who would come, and the list of questions about it continued; we feared the unknown and had the strong desire to plan in order to avoid making mistakes or failing. 

Once Petra and Neil arrived they were very helpful in calming the class’s fears. Through Petra and Neil’s videos and classroom exercises, it became clear that the class could break societal norms and had nothing to fear in regards to the installation. Joe Meiser stated that 'limitations are constructive to creativity,' and that is exactly what Petra and Neil did for the class. Their 'limitations' and structure enhanced the creativity of the individuals in the class to create a cohesive installation. Without this it would have been nearly impossible to have 25 students cohesively develop an installation of this nature."