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Art can make you think, feel uncomfortable, want to change, but it will always capture you inside the present. The faces trapped within picture frames invite us into their existence, leading us to find our own identity.

~~Michelle Joline

Michelle Joline

            "Unconscious visual judgments are not purely a product of race, but…'Photography’s role in the hegemonic production of a standardized normative subjectivity also necessarily spawned a taxonomy of ‘others,’ that is, identifiable, controllable, and decipherable archetypes conventionalized and archived into an infinite set of documents from the material to the imagery.' This quote from Only Skin Deep, in particular highlights how the class approached the creative process behind the installation. By alluding to the differences in society, and our subconscious constructed judgments, we successfully marked what we in the end considered to be the important factor in the class, ourselves. We had to share aspects of our lives to enforce a 'trust' in our company in order to 'standardize the normative subjectivity' of the categories that we unintentionally fit into. 

Essentially there would be no creativity if we were not different; everything would look the same and we would share a monotonous livelihood of programmed and similar interactions. That is not a world that I would want to live in, something I think the rest of the class concluded as well, which is why an acceptance and encouragement of independent identities became the product of the installation."