morgan davis

In this course I was prompted to do one of the most interesting things by Professor Alex Riley: "Look at the self, where does it come from?" In pursuit of this question I have found that in order to understand the self it requires the interactions with others. I consider art to be a joint activity in which all types of people can participate and interact. In the conclusion of this course the class is able to explore and interpret the creative process together in order to develop art that can be received by anyone who chooses to be the audience. Self requires collaboration and art requires both.

~~ Morgan Davis

Morgan Davis

"The exhibition itself functioned very well as a manifestation of ekphrasis. Throughout the course, we were able to complete assignments and participate in sessions that introduced us to different forms of art and creativity. We created masks, we created our own original movements, and we generated ekphrastic poetry in response to The Black List. When the time came to develop the instillation we were too close to the date of the presentation to really develop a new concept. Petra presented a concept that pulled from every area of the course. Everything that we had done in the course came together so smoothly and allowed us to really see the instillation clearly. In order to write an ekphrastic poem you need a form of visual inspiration. The entire class was the visual art form that provided us with this inspiration. As a result the instillation came together and we were quiet comfortable with the things we did to really represent the class."