mikaela soto

Art invokes an introspective look at the "self," an understanding of the outside influences of our lives contributing to our own identities; our identities form an impetus for creating, for interactions with others, and for perceptions of the world and of all art that fills it.  As we view and project ideas onto the other (whether art or human being), similarly the "other's" perceptions and observations of us transform how we perceive ourselves-- an incredible insight I am privileged to have after the interactive experience of Extreme Creativity.

As creators, we must learn that while our creation is ours, we cannot truly take ownership of it. So many factors contribute to our knowledge, our goals, and the statements we make. We cannot ignore the influence the world has had on creating who we are. Developing art is a question of truth, a constant battle with what we create—like anything we see in this world—to recognize it as merely our unique and individual perception of the truth, rather than truth itself. Creativity necessitates knowledge of conventions in order to break them; manifestation of individual thoughts, as imposed and refined by collaboration and others; access of emotion and cathartic release; and the interpretation of a viewer; Although art captures one moment in time, creativity is an experience and a journey.

~~ Mikaela Soto 

Mikaela Soto