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This class really challenged my previous notions of what art and creativity were. We also explored the thematic ideas of identity and self perception using photography, unconventional media, poetry, and movement.

~~ Michelle Steinberg

Michelle Steinberg

"Creativity stems from inspiration, which is gained through experiences.  In our class, we were inspired by lectures from guest artists, demonstrations, and a field trip.  Getting to go to the Dumbo Arts festival was a unique experience.  It was interesting getting to see a wide variety of installation and performance art in addition to more traditional paintings and sculpture.  Additionally, we were allowed the privilege of hearing Tulu Bayar talk about Invisible, her own work.  Her installation consisted of two elements that at first seemed completely unrelated.  She had a video loop in the center of her studio space, and had several dimensional sculptures made from film on the walls.  However, her explanation of these two elements, tying together views of Orientalism with the disappearance of film in photography, made the exhibit make the two media make perfect sense in context of each other."