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This course gave me much more the creative process I anticipated. While I did love the interactions with all the different art media, I really loved the introspective aspects of the class: the look at myself vs how others perceive me and a reflection on the life I lived was really amazing for me.

~~Greg Maxson

Greg Maxson

            "In class, we spent a fair amount of time harnessing our creativity through the Latin creare, of 'making.' The structure of classes allowed us to witness what others had done and then develop a scheme to make something new and original. One class that truly defines this derivation of creativity was paper-cutting class with Elaine Williams and Harriet Rosenburg. The art of paper cutting was something I had never seen done before besides in young arts and crafts classes. However, after we saw these women at work, we saw what was possible with only a piece of paper and a pair of scissors. Given only a blank page, each student made something completely new. For me, it was a process of trial and error as I learned how to effectively maneuver through the paper and create the design I intended. After only an hour of work, we had all made a unique piece of art out of nothing. To me, this simple task truly defined the individual creative process. 

The final project we created as a class also perfectly emulated this term of making. As a group of individuals, we collaborated to create this final presentation, which we wanted to show our identities both as individuals and as a group. Again, we started with nothing, but we knew that we had to make a product that would be presented to a large audience. Each individual had specific ideas of where he or she envisioned the final product, but cooperation and collaboration were necessary to form one unified vision. The culmination of this group project is an interesting adaption of creativity. Creativity is often thought of as an individual process, but this group work showed that this idea could work amongst many individuals as they build off of each other."