elizabeth munson

This course has been an eye-opening experience for me in many ways.  I used to think of art in only one dimension, now I think of art as the physical experience of creating the art- there doesn't need to be a remaining product- art surrounds us.

~~ Elizabeth Munson 

Elizabeth Munson

"Alex Riley was our next speaker, and throughout his class I learned more and more about art, creativity and the world that surrounds us. He mentioned something that the sociologist Howie Becker said about art, that 'all artistic work, like all human activity requires the joint work of multiple human beings.' This relates to our final exhibition because our exhibition was not something that one student from our class could have accomplished on their own. There were too many parts, too many actions, and too much art, for one person to be able to complete the entire installation alone. 

Riley also gave us his individual definition of art that is that in order for the work to be art; the work must be received by someone, somewhere as art. In Alex Riley’s definition of art, even if only one person considers something art, then it is in fact art. However, as he mentioned, all artists are working within an institution, being what does society consider art? Riley mentioned that 'conventions always place strong constraints on the artist' and that you must know the conventions in order to properly break free of them. I believe that the entire six weeks before the final installation was our time to learn about the societal norms or art, creativity and expression, in order to be able to create our own definitions of these terms."