william bonfiglio

Every aspect of this class is decorated with original thought. To see so many like-minded artists come together and share a universal medium has been an unparalleled experience.

~~William Bonfilgio

William Bonfiglio

"It’s fairly obvious to say that creativity is reliant on the self. Every assignment for the class, including response journals and creative responses, was built upon past experiences and personal histories. One example of this is Professor Joe Meiser’s story of 'the fox.' For Professor Meiser, 'the fox,' a taxidermied animal housed in his grandparents’ basement, came to represent irrational fear and worry. After his class, we were instructed to identify our own foxes: inanimate objects or events that came to symbolize fear or discomfort. By thus incorporating subjective histories into the exercise, the resulting product became our own. I am certain that everyone in the class would agree that the self fuels creativity. But I would go even further as to state that creativity is a reflection of the self, encompassing the perception of our appearances and our personalities."