christophe poline

Extreme Creativity will move you out of your comfort zone and take you to that side of you that you have never explored.  There is more than one way to express yourself; taking Extreme Creativity is half of them.

~~ Christophe Poline

Christophe Poline

"My first experience in learning my definition of creativity started with our very first assignment, to attend the Arts. Everywhere. festival. When I looked at the festival’s flyer, I was automatically amazed by the cultural variety of the scheduled performances. There was an African dance team, a Reggae band, a Latino orchestra, salsa dance lessons and so on. I automatically knew that it was going to be a treat to experience such a wide range of artistic expressions. However, since creativity is so personal and that one’s cultural influences ones creativity, I didn’t expect to relate to the performances as much as I did.  I found out that the Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble dances were not so different from dances from my home country Haiti. I found that learning how to dance salsa, while challenging since it is different from the way I dance, was also very enjoyable. I found that while I didn’t understand a word of what the Latino orchestra was singing, I could enjoy their performance as much as any native Spanish speaker would. 

There is only one word that can summarize my first experience learning about creativity and that word is: 'universal.'  While it is true that creativity brings out the individuality in each of us, it is more true that creativity brings us together as one. We can all appreciate each other’s creativity no matter how different we are from one another. You don’t have to be French to realize that the Eiffel Tower is beautiful; you don’t need to speak Italian to admire the Mona Lisa. Enjoying the diversity of the multiple performances at the Arts. Everywhere. festival gave me my first lesson about creativity: 'Creativity is diverse, yet universal…'"