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Extreme Creativity reflects the goal of a liberal arts education, which is to reach out and explore various disciplines in order to seek inspiration and share ideas. To be alive is to continue learning from those around you and to teach others what you have learned--"Live your passion. Share your dreams." 

~~ Christina Huang

Christina Huang

"It is not often that I step back and reevaluate myself and the way I work with others; however, now that I did take the time to do so, I began to pick out my strengths and weaknesses.  I began to explore my process as an individual and as an artist.  This class has helped me begin to find and define my artistic voice and style through these class exercises.  I have begun to identify my work as subtle, process-orientated and inclusive (engaging the audience). .  .  . I see that our class as a collaborative experiment that had an outcome, a show, but I believe our greatest end-result was recognizing the process that we underwent."