chez russu

    This course has made me realize that we are art even when we aren't creating art, and that through art one can enter the realm of dreams. For me, there is no retirement from art. 

    ~~ Cezara Russu

    Cezara Russu

    Maybe someone stood behind you at some point or another and told you to let yourself fall, don’t worry, you’re safe, because I will catch you.

    You were a bit nervous and skeptical- we don’t hand out trust like flyers - but you were excited as well. Oh you must have been!

    Of course you tried it.

              You don’t realize

                                        how close you are to the

                                                                             ground until you are almost there.

    And then there they were, those arms on your back, protecting you, raising you back up, slightly closer to the sky.