allison donaghy

Art is indefinable – it can take form in a body twisting through an open space, it can hide within the text of an intricate poem, and it can even reach out to you from a simple portrait hanging on an otherwise bare wall. Art is a shape-shifter, and the artist gives it the breath of life through their own identity and the careful decision of how they want their emotions to be displayed, even if the audience reads it an entirely different way. 

~~Allison Donaghy

Allison Donaghy

"Now I realize that through the course of the class I was also trying to strip myself of all the assumptions that my identity and name carried, and find what was really at the core of my being, similarly to how I approached the painting of Cleopatra. Becoming vulnerable is something so difficult in todays society though, and this theme of just 'letting go' resurfaced many times for me throughout the course. When I was leaping across the gallery by order of Dustyn Martincich, swinging my hands and kicking my feet in all directions, trying to act completely free - I felt vulnerable. When I closed my eyes and had a classmate lead me around campus blindly - I felt vulnerable.

When I walked across the gallery masked with my entire class in the installation I also felt vulnerable, because even though we were all together and had strength through our group, I felt as if the mask symbolized the invisible one that I wear everyday when out in the public, and now all these viewers could see the physical manifestation of the fakeness that all people exhume in everyday life. But even though this is only one interpretation of many on this part of the installation, I think it says something about my own personal development, and my recognition and longing to shed away the mask I use on a daily basis to shield myself from others."