Moment of the Week

The Moment of the Week (April 19)
Oral Report

On Apr.19, our company successfully presented our oral report. We spent a lot of time preparing for the final presentation.  In the oral report, we included many significant moments from the gradual growth of our company.  Our company members made many lifelong memories during Management 101 in Spring 2012.  We are all proud of each other.

The Moment of the Week
First Picnic with the Children at Head Start ( Apr. 12)
Our company organized a picnic at the Milton Head Start. We played with children on playground, did arts and crafts with them, and served them food. All of the company members who went to the Milton site enjoyed their trip very much!  

The Moment of the Week
Our Tanks Sold Out! (Apr.5)
                             By Jessica
During the company session on Thursday, our CEO, Julian Dorey, announced that our tanks had finally sold out. This is an amazing moment for all of the company members who contributed to the designing, ordering and selling processes. 

The Moment of the Week
Pizza Phi Fundraiser! (Mar. 28)
On Mar.28, our company had an fundraiser at a local restaurant, Pizza Phi. Company member Dani Frank contributed a lot to this event. We helped the owners by folding the pizza boxes, washing the dishes, and making pizza. We successfully raised $360.82 for our service client, Head Start.

The Moment of the Week (3.19-3.26)
Operating Plans Passed! 
During spring break, every member of the company tried his or her best to contribute to the operating plans. All the details were carefully checked and revised. This made our company's binder look extremely good and well-organized. 

The Moment of the Week (3.2-3.9) 
Company Photo!!