The mission of D’s Tanks for the Heart of Head Start is to provide service to the Milton and Sunbury Head Start organizations, two local federal programs for preschool children. To fund our service efforts, we are selling affordable and lightweight cotton tank tops with the popular “Keep Calm” slogan in school colors to show Bucknell pride in the spring season.  We are college students dedicated to helping the Head Start organizations by providing student companionship and financial support. We will mulch and clean the playgrounds.  We will host picnics at the Milton Head Start with food from Pizza Phi and other local eateries.  We will offer crafts from the Bucknell craft center, and other activities.  In addition we will provide Sunbury with a helpful donation to fund one of their critical construction projects.  The slogan for our tanks, “Keep Calm and Bison Strong,” will promote unity and strong school spirit within the Bucknell community.  Through our service project, D’s Tanks for the Heart of Head Start will adhere to our company’s criteria—students meaningfully participating to make a lasting impact on the Head Start organization.