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The mission of Bucknell Beach for Garden Outreach is to sell Bucknell Permit apparel to outfit students in comfortable and fashionable quality shirts that are practical all year round as well as being an appropriate logo which customers will enjoy and feel good wearing as well as positively promoting our university as we team up with Bucknell University and the Borough of Lewisburg to create The Community Garden, a new town garden and establish a system that benefits individual groups, families and the community at large.


April 16th: Jack Dealtry is Awarded Bison of the Week!

April 15th: Phenomenal Results Friday at Arbor Day!
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Jack Ingram educates children from the community center how to plant a tree during Arbor Day.

Arbor Day is coming up...Friday, April 13th

Opening of the Community Garden was a Success!

A before and after shot of the Community Garden after Saturday's work

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Saturday April 7th is the GRAND OPENING of the COMMUNITY GARDEN!
With special guest, President Bravman

April 3rd: Our product is officially sold out! 
There will not be a re-order.

Meet the Execs!
Alice McCrory
VP Advertising and Promotions: Ali Carey
VP Business: Kirsten Vaughan
VP HRM: Caroline Jaffe
VP Reports: Jess Serrato
VP AFM: Glen Morisano
VP Service: Jack Ingram
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