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Since 1999, when a group of volunteers spent their spring break providing emergency relief efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Mitch, the university has been involved in a unique partnership with a resettlement community outside the capital city of Managua, Nicaragua. Volunteers involved in this student-initiated service-learning project help raise money for the free health clinic in Nueva Vida, a facility largely built with donations raised by the Bucknell Brigade. Delegations of students and staff bring donated medicines, inventory supplies in the pharmacy, and assist with manual labor on projects identified by the Center for Development in Central America, our host agency, while learning about micro-enterprise initiatives, grass roots development, the history, and culture of Nicaragua.

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Each year the Brigade commits to raising $40,000 for the Nueva Vida free health clinic.  This site is dedicated to raising funds to  assure that the Nicaraguan medical clinic can be staffed and adequately supplied. Consider donating to the Brigade by purchasing Nicaraguan Fair Trade Coffee or give a humanitarian gift for the holidays by purchasing an honor card in a loved one's name. You may also choose to donate directly by contributing medicines and hygiene supplies. For more information on giving to the Brigade check out the links on the upper left hand side of the page.  If you have any questions please contact Stacey Sommerfield at 570-577-3928.

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  • Recycling = $ for the Bucknell Brigade The Office of Civic Engagement is accepting trash! That's right! The Bucknell Brigade is now a proud member of the TerraCycle program. TerraCycle is a fundraising site that takes ...
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