Interim / Report Card Comment Codes

Updated:  October 2010


Comment                        Statement


    001                                    Enjoy having (name) in class

    002                                    Is doing a great job

    003                                    Has shown improvement

    004                                    Grade is passing at this time

    005                                    Should take responsibility to do all homework

    006                                    Missing homework assignment(s)

    007                                    Major assignment or project not completed

    008                                    Inconsistent performance on tests/quizzes

    009                                    Fails to use class time effectively

    010                                    Is distracted in class

    011                                    Grade low due to non-participation in class

    012                                    Is in danger of failing this grading period

    013                                    Needs to seek help from the teacher

    014                                    Attendance issues

    015                                    Conference desired by teacher

    016                                    Credit denied due to non-attendance

    017                                    Grade is incomplete at this time