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Graduation Requirements

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State graduation requirements for the class of 2018 and beyond.

Honors Diploma Options


The following are the required courses or the state minimum, whichever is greater, that need to be included in this number:

English - 4.5 units (including Speech) Math - 4 units (including 1 unit of Algebra II or equivalent) Science - 3 units (including a Physical and Biological Science) Social Studies – 3.5 units (World Studies (1), U.S. Studies (1), Economics (1/2), US Government (1/2), Elective (1/2)) Health - 1/2 unit Physical Education - 1/2 unit  Electives - 5 units (Must include two semesters of Fine Art)

Students entering the Medina County Career Center must leave Buckeye High School at the end of their sophomore year with at least ten credits to make normal progress toward graduation. A typical Career Center student will earn 11-12 credits while there. A student attending the Medina County Career Center will not be required to meet the Speech unit, Fine Art unit, or 0.5 Social Studies credit.