Welcome to the Flipped Classroom and Blended Learning Pre-session 

                                                                                        by Bennett Goldberg, Boston University


Learning goals for the overall workshop: 

Learning Goals

Learning goals: 

1.     Describe flipped and blended learning and the rationales and benefits of changing the structure of classroom and out-of-classroom time.

2.     Describe the three main structural components of a flipped and blended class, the different student outcomes for each, and the relationship between them.

3.     Apply the principles of flipped and blended instruction to one of your courses, analyzing the content and exercises within your learning goals and transforming a traditional approach into a blend of online pre-session, in-class engagement and follow up.

4.     Enumerate the challenges of developing, implementing and sustaining a flipped or blended course, in terms of the students, faculty colleagues and institutional structures. Develop strategies and action plans for successfully navigating challenges to implementation.

5.     Describe several different approaches to assessing the implementation of a flipped and blended class, and create a plan for implementing in your class as well as a plan for using the data to feed back and modify the instruction.  

We are going to model a flipped classroom and blended learning in the workshop itself, demonstrating through a pre-session for you, the participants, the value of a first exposure outside of class so that more time in class can be devoted to practice and feedback. 

Introduction to Pre-session

Let's start with some simple, basic information. Imagine your students were answering question, writing a short piece, or responding to something they've viewed. 

LASPAU Faculty Information for Flipped and Blended

I've prepared a 12 minute presentation as an introduction to the workshop on May 19. As any pre-session material, we will go over this at the start of the workshop, both to reinforce the concepts as well as to value the time you've spent prior to coming to class.

The Flipped Classroom and Blended Learning

If you would prefer to go through it at your own pace, without my comments, here's is a link to the presentation on flipped classroom and blended learning: http://prezi.com/kh-i4lyc-jv5/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy 

How might you create simple, online content? Here's an Educational Technologist, Kacie Cleary, discussing several simple tools.

Flipped Classroom Tools

Finally, please bring content with you to the workshop --- A major goal is to help you transform your educational content and materials into a format and structure that would support blended teaching and learning. 

Here, I have a final short response, so you can tell me what you intend to bring along. 

Content to Bring to Workshop

Optional video on Learning Objectives, from the Coursera class: An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching 

Drive Instruction and Assessment with Your Learning Objectives

Optional video of a recent panel of Boston University faculty on flipping their classrooms and using blended learning:

Flipped and Blended: Expert Panel