The unifying theme of my research interests is labor supply responses of older workers to various policy interventions.  Currently, I work primarily on understanding the labor supply responses of older workers to social welfare programs. For example, my job market paper analyzes older female workers’ retirement decisions in response to pension subsidies in Germany. In a second paper,  I look at the impact of extending unemployment insurance (UI) benefits on older workers’ labor supply. Furthermore, I am interested in research related to the old-age poverty, the gender pension gap, and information intervention, etc.  I am a dissertation fellow at the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.


Han Ye 

PhD Candidate (Expected May 2018)
Boston University
Department of Economics
270 Bay State Rd, Boston, MA 02215

I am on the 2017-18 job market and will be available for interviews at the ASSA Meetings in Philadelphia.

Curriculum Vitae (click to download)

Fields:  Labor Economics , Public Policy , and Economics of Aging


Johannes F. Schmieder (Main advisor)


Kevin Lang


M. Daniele Paserman