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About Us

The BU Quidditch team is a 70+ person official BU "social club", working out of the Student Activities Office. This official status gives the team the ability to apply for funding and use of BU property, as well as take advantage of various advertising and promotional opportunities on campus. 

BUQ's 2010 World Cup Team

The organization consists of four "house" teams that compete against each other at BU, and a more competitive tournament team. This year the teams were:

            The Screaming Mandrakes                                    Team Phoenix                                                    The Hippogriffs

and the season's House Cup champions...

The Nargles

Intercollegiate matches are open to all players, but try-outs are held in order to pick the team to play at official IQA tournaments such as the World Cup and Northeast Regionals.

BUQ is run by a five-person executive board consisting of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Communications Chair. The Communications Chair also directs a sub-board of members who are in charge of all promotional club activities.

Current Executive Board Members:

President: Joe Barkus
Vice President: Stephen Houseman
Treasurer: Katie Stack
Secretary: Dana Pelerin
Communications Chair: Kedzie Teller

            Current Communications Committee:
            Katrina Bossotti
            Vic Kelman
            Denis Nakkeeran
            Annie Pierce
            Chris Schretzenmayer