FNMI Support Resources for BTPS Teachers

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This website is a collection of items to support and empower BTPS teachers with a large variety of resources to help build teacher confidence and knowledge as they include FNMI cultures, worldviews, histories and current realities into their daily lessons. 

Providing this type of support is one of our approaches to foster broad and inclusive learning experiences for all students while honouring teachers and their busy schedules.  This site is meant to be a one-stop-shop where teachers can quickly access ideas, lesson plans, internet resources, PD options, etc, that are relevant to all subject areas of the Alberta curricula and which include FNMI perspectives.

If you have recommendations for this site, or questions about the resources listed, please contact Mabyn Grinde at Mabyn.Grinde@btps.ca

If you are wanting extra support in planning/teaching FNMI lessons in your classroom please contact Sandra Beres at sandra.beres@btps.ca.  Sandra is working as an FNMI curriculum consultant for BTPS.  

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