Phonics and Reading

Reading and Phonics at Tivetshall Community Primary School


At Tivetshall Community Primary School we use the Sound Discovery phonics  scheme to teach phonics in Reception and Year 1 and Spellzoo in Year 2 and beyond. Phonics and spelling form part of all literacy lessons but are also taught in daily 20 minute intensive, small group sessions.

We use a variety of reading schemes in our school including:

  • Oxford Reading Tree
  • Rigby
  • Ginn 360

Children typically become “free readers” at the end of year 1/ beginning of year 2. We aim to hear children read daily in Reception and Key Stage 1 (aged 4-7) and into Key Stage 2 (7-11) if they are not yet free readers.

After this reading is still monitored and supported but children take increasing control as they become more independent.

We have a large, well stocked library with a volunteer librarian and children have the opportunity to choose a library book weekly.