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Burlington Telecom Conference Room

August 28, 2012




TAC Members:

Present: Russ Elek, Bradley Holt, Jason Baker, Nina Parris and Ross Nizlek

Absent: Gregory Hancock and Pete Jewett


Also in Attendance:

Burlington Telecom: Amber Thibeault

Burlington Telecom: Stacey Trudo


1.  Convene meeting of TAC at 4:02 p.m.


2.  Management Report

                a. Thibeault: no report from the management team.

b. Baker asked for itemized information every month such as the budget and how BT is faring against the budget.


3.  Public Forum: None


4. Discussion Topics

a. Nizlek: Asked about the status of the website.

1. Trudo explained that the website is complete and awaiting sign-off from Barraclough before it is launched.

2. Further discussion regarding whether BT is hosting the website now and in the future who will host the website.

b. Nizlek: Any update on the Gig internet speed launch?

                1. Thibeault: no further information is available.

c. Elek: shared a story with the TAC and management about his move to Burlington in which the landlord explained that Elek had options for service including Burlington Telecom but they were likely to fold. Wanted to know if there had been any outreach to landlords?

1. Trudo explained that 90% of new customers are stating that they heard about BT through their landlord. No outreach has been done but the impression has been changing. Relationship with landlords is very important.

2. Elek suggested a incentive based program for landlords.


5. Minutes from last TAC meeting

a. MOTION made by Nizlek, seconded by Baker, to approve the minutes from the last TAC meeting. Unanimous. Elek abstained as he was not present at the last meeting.


6. Legal Team Invitation

a.  Baker discussed tabling until the next meeting when the Chair, Vice Chair and Barraclough might be present.

b. Discussion continued about who is billed for the time, whom was the TAC looking to have speak at the TAC meeting and what type of information are they looking to have provided to them.

1. Group discussed that they might want to include role of TAC within this discussion to the legal team.

MOTION by Baker, seconded by Nizlek, to ask the Chair of the TAC to contact the City Attorney’s office and find out availability for them to visit and for the TAC to discuss potential questions for the City Attorney. Unanimous.


7. Adjournment

MOTION to adjourn made by Baker at 4:34 p.m., seconded by Parris.

Jason Baker,
Aug 29, 2012, 12:32 PM