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Burlington Telecom Conference Room

September 25, 2012




TAC Members:

Present: Russ Elek, Bradley Holt, Jason Baker, Ross Nizlek and Greg Hancock (arrived at 4:13 p.m.)

Absent: Nina Parris


Also in Attendance:

Burlington Telecom: Amber Thibeault

Burlington Telecom: Stacey Trudo

Burlington Telecom: Stephen Barraclough


1.  Convene meeting of TAC at 4:07 p.m.


2.  Management Report

                a. Barraclough: provided copies of the most recent Public Service Board filings and the budget.

                                1. Always cash flow positive minus debt service.

                                2. Have reduced the debit to cash pool to $16.6 million from $16.9 million.

3. Expect high capital expenditures in the coming month due to purchase of the E-7 frame which will enable BT to connect residents with 1 Gig.  

                a. Holt inquired about pricing. Barraclough stated that pricing is still undetermined but Google in Kansas is offering 1 Gig for $70.00 a month.

4. Signed 111 subscribers net last month.

5. Redstone came on board.

6. Michael Flora resigned from Burlington Telecom to work for Burlington Electric Department.

7. New website is up and running

a. Nizlek inquired about whether Burlington Telecom would be putting pricing on the website?

1. Trudo informed the BTAC that at this time we do not intend to put information on our website regarding pricing.

b. Nizlek suggested putting basic information about the speeds, telephone packages and cable channels. 

c. Baker asked about revenue break-down and whether they would see this in the future.

1. This information is contained within the PSB reports and is located on the BT website.

d. Elek asked about the date for these to be posting. Thibeault explained that these are posted on or immediately after the 15th.

8. Thibeault provided an update on the following items:

                a. Osier case dismissed by the Court today.

b. CitiCapital in court last week to hear a MTD which was widely reported in the news media. In discovery at this stage.

c. Partnership with NSN and the ability to view live BHS games on Channel 302. Elek inquired about UVM games? At this time we don’t currently have that option but we are continuing to pursue this.

1. Hancock mentioned his participation in a high school open house and meeting in which Comcast participated with brochures about their low-income internet option. BT was not present at this event and did not know about it.

d. Rolling out a computer repair business in the near future. Barraclough mentioned that eventually we will be mounting televisions as part of this business.

1. Hancock had staff explain difference between COGS and operating costs.

2. Baker inquired as to FSTV and when this should be up and running. Barraclough explained that we are continuing to troubleshoot this.


3.  Approval of Minutes from Last BTAC Meeting

                MOTION by Baker, seconded by Hancock, to approve minutes from the last TAC meeting. Unanimous.


4. Public Forum



5. Nominations for Chair

a. MOTION by Baker, seconded by Hancock to nominate Holt as Chair of the BTAC. Unanimous.

b. MOTION by Hancock, seconded by Baker, to nominate Nizlek as Vice-Chair of the BTAC. Unanimous.

c. Hancock is stepping down as co-chair and leaving the committee after this meeting due to the ambiguous nature of the committee. May continue to come as a public member. This is no reflection on management.


6. Discussion Topics

1. Baker stated that the legal questions were answered today. But asked if they should invite the City Attorney or Blue Ribbon Committee to a BTAC meeting.

2. Holt stated that he would reach out to the City Council and Blue Ribbon Committee than go from there. Maybe a shared session.

3. Elek stated they should reach out to active networks.

4. Holt explained his three key items for the committee including better communication with the CC and the BRC; public involvement and a clear role.


7. Adjournment

MOTION to adjourn made by Holt at 5:03 p.m., seconded by Baker.