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Burlington Telecom Conference Room
July 24, 2012


TAC Members:
Present: Pete Jewett, Bradley Holt, Greg Hancock, Jason Baker (arrived at 4:19 p.m.), Nina Parris and Ross
Absent: Russ Elek

Also in Attendance:
Burlington Telecom: Amber Thibeault
Burlington Telecom: Stacey Trudo
Dorman and Fawcett: Stephen Barraclough (left at 4:45 p.m.)

1. Convene meeting of TAC at 4:05 p.m.

2. Public Forum: None

3. Annual Report:
a. Jewett inquired as to whether all of the Telecommunications Advisory Committee members
have had an opportunity to review the annual report document.
b. Brief discussion amongst TAC members regarding edits and the completion of the document.
c. MOTION by Holt, seconded by Hancock to send the Annual Report to the City Council.

4. Discussion Topics
a. Holt discussed the Internet Freedom Event which is being held this summer. Holt will provide
more details to the committee when they are made available.
b. Holt discussed the Declaration of Internet Freedom, which is located at
www.internetdeclaration.org. Holt proposed that the committee sign onto the declaration and
advise BT to sign on to this document. It’s also a marketing opportunity to distinguish BT
from other companies. Parris suggested asking the City Council to sign the declaration as well.
MOTION by Holt that TAC signs the declaration, seconded by Jewett.

5. Website
a. Brief presentation by Stacey Trudo regarding Burlington Telecom’s new website which is set to
launch in August.
b. Baker suggested adding TAC information to the website.
c. Baker asked if TAC could provide input on the website. Barraclough explained that they
certainly could but we need to launch the site so we will accept comments but not delay the

6. Management Report
a. Barraclough explained that BT ended the year slightly ahead of the budget. Cash flow was
ahead of the budget. Revenues were down by $400,000 due to negative impact from 2nd half of the
fiscal year churn. Commercial revenues are holding their own. In the last 6 months BT has seen
subscriber growth with 63 new customers in June alone. Current subscriber count is 4095. The
ARPU (average revenue per user) is declining though as customers adjust their service choices.
b. Barraclough also explained the need to purchase new electronics over the next 2 years which
will cost BT $300,000. The equipment will enable BT to provide 1 Gig of internet into homes.
Committee members inquired as to the pricing of this service, BT does not have this established as
of yet but will let them know when we do.
c. Discussed content on the network. Suggestion from Holt to speak with PEG channels about

d. Parris mentioned the recent storm and the need to update the public. Barraclough explained
that we are aware of this and will provide updates on the website as well as we are working on an
emergency preparedness plan.

7. Returned to Discussion Topics
1. Baker: What amount of subscriber growth is projected to be needed to create and maintain
revenue growth?
a. Thibeault stated that she was unable to answer this question and Stephen had asked for
clarification on the question.
2. Baker: What is our current marketing plan and budget?
a. Trudo: ward by ward basis marketing approach. BT has advertised in Thread Magazine
and Vermont Business Magazine recently.
b. Baker asked about branding and whether the TAC could review the new tag lines.
Trudo ran the one tag line by the TAC who thought it sounded good.

3. Baker: Installation methods why isn’t BT installing wired ports in junction boxes or even
surface-mounted boxes? Question was based on Baker’s experience with installers.
a. Thibeault noted that early on the decision was made to install in the manner that we
do today due to expense and time. To run wiring as suggested by Baker would increase
the installation time (which is currently 2 hours) and increase the cost of an installation.
Also explained that in the past, when Baker was installed, the installation was done by
contractors, now these are done in-house so the craftsmanship is far superior.
4. Baker: Public Wi-Fi locations and access – why North Beach Campground instead of North
a. The intention of the Wi-Fi hotspots originally was a pay model; these were not for
residents of the city. Over the years it has evolved to a free model and more focused on
city residents. Baker asked if we were planning on adding hot spots. Thibeault said not at
this time.

MOTION to adjourn made by Holt at 5:14 p.m., seconded by Baker.