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TAC Members:
Present: Pete Jewett, Bradley Holt, Greg Hancock and Jason Baker
Absent: Ross Nizlek and Nina Parris

Also in Attendance:
Burlington Telecom: Amber Thibeault

1. Convene meeting of TAC at 4:04 p.m.

2. Discussion Topics
A. Website: Jewett inquired as to the status of the Burlington Telecom website.
1. Thibeault – status quo
B. Annual Report: Jewett discussion regarding the Google document prepared by Jewett.
1. Holt: Important to emphasize the value of the network to the community.
2. Hancock: Segment business v. residential components within the document as they are
3. Baker: If the community provided comments to TAC members about the importance of
Burlington Telecom, these should be included within the document.
Jewett will prepare a paragraph for each section and than other committee members can review and make
changes. Document is due by the end of the week to the Clerk Treasurer’s office.
C. Public Forum: None
D. Various Topics:
1. Baker discussed that agenda and the minutes need to be timely posted to the BTAC
website; make the meetings more accessible to the community.
2. Committee discussed linking the BTAC website to the City’s website and Burlington
Telecom’s website. Also providing a link from Burlington Telecom’s Facebook and
Twitter sites.
3. Discussed communications with the City Council, whether the committee members
should reach out to the Councilors to discuss TAC business or not.
4. Blue Ribbon Committee meeting this week. Baker asked if members could be placed
on the distribution list for the agenda.
3. Adjournment
MOTION to adjourn made by Baker at 4:52 p.m., seconded by Holt.